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Straight Talk About Upholstery Cleaning


Like carpets upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned on a consistent and regular basis. According to most manufacturers upholstery should be cleaned every (18) months, if not sooner. If you are an allergy sufferer you should think about cleaning your furniture, including mattress, every six months. This will reduce the top three allergens commonly found in homes: Pet Dander, Dust Mites, and Dust Mite Feces. Like carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning, done properly, will extend the life of your favorite sofa, love seat, or chair.


Because upholstery comes in contact with your skin, hair, clothes, and dirty feet your body, and the clothing you wear, the people who sit on your furniture are constantly depositing oils, dander, dead skin cells, and dirt into your furniture. Children and pets are especially hard on fine fabrics, micro fiber, and even leather.  The odors that you smell are coming from odor causing bacteria, spills, food stains, etc. It doesn't take long for your new beautiful coach to begin smelling ?funky'.  The longer you wait the more difficult upholstery cleaning becomes.


Is This Something I Can Do Myself?


There are a number of cleaning solutions that you can buy at your local Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart that will provide you with a ?surface' type cleaning effect. By this I mean it will clean the top soil but it won't reach down deep into the fabric to remove the dirt and the odor causing bacteria. Ink, grease, coffee, pet urine, etc., all have to be treated with special chemicals in order to remove them from the furniture. Perfumes DO NOT remove the odor source - it simply covers it up for a short period of time. When the odors do return they are usually stronger than before.


How Will We Clean Your Upholstery?


To properly clean upholstery we have developed the following cleaning method:

·         Pre-Inspection: It is important to properly identify the material type and type of stains that may appear on the furniture. If you allow your pets on the furniture let us know that as well. We will also explain our invoice to you and the cleaning process to you at this time;

·         Pre-Vacuum: We always pre-vacuum each piece of furniture with a true HEPA filtration vacuum. By using this type of vacuum we will pick the most amount of dry particulates, dust mites, dander, etc.;

·         Lint Roller Brush: Because hair has a magnetic attraction to most of our upholstery we use a lint roller to remove any and all hair from the cushions, arm rests, etc.;

·         Pre-Treatment: Color safe cleaning solutions and spot remover solutions are applied to your furniture and then are brushed in to help lift and remove the soil;

·         Heavy Duty Hot Water Extraction: Because Hot Water Extraction is the only recommended method this extremely hot water, 210 degrees or hotter, is used to flush out and extract the dirt from the fabric. Drying times are usually within 1-2 hours;

·         Furniture Protector: Our super high quality protector will protect your furniture from spills, stains, and even sun bleaching. Protector helps your furniture to remain cleaner longer;

·         Post Inspection: After completing the job we will and re-treat any problem areas.

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