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How to Select a Professional Cleaning Company

"Don't Be Victimized By Uninformed, Uneducated,
Or Downright Unscrupulous Cleaners!"

What distinguishes one cleaning company from another?
This checklist will ensure that you have asked the right questions.

A Checklist of Questions To Ask:

Do They Have Good References? 
Liberty Floor Solutions is considered by many as one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Sacramento Valley Area . We are often referred by some of the most seasoned professionals in the carpet industry. Our references are available upon request.

What Kind of Experience Do They Have?
We have cared for the finest of carpets and rugs. We have handled many specialty items and seen many unusual situations. Whether the carpet is natural or synthetic, our experience makes us one of the most experienced cleaners in the area. When it comes to tile & grout we have cleaned procelain, ceramic, and natural stones such as travertine.

Are They Well Educated In Their Field?
Sadly, most companies in our industry do not invest in educating themselves in their field. We are certified by the The Master's Touch (TMT) in carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout cleaning. TMT are the inventors of tile & grout cleaning. We are the only tile and grout cleaning specialists that is factory trained and factory certified in Sacramento, San Joaquin, Yolo County areas.

We regularly attend educational courses, certification schools, conventions, and study trade journals and books related to our work. We are abreast of cutting edge technology and changes that regularly occur in our industry.

What Systems Do they Use?
Many cleaners use outdated equipment with components that do not work properly. At Liberty Floor Solutions, you can be assured that we use state-of-the art equipment. The machines that we use are the most advanced systems available today. Our equipment does not overwet the carpet. You can expect maximum soil removal and the pile of the carpet will be "standing tall" again, and your tile will glow again.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?
After having an uninformed, uneducated, or downright unscrupulous cleaner in your home, the hardest part is getting them back to fix the problem. At our company, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We do not want to have anyone in our community that feels that they paid us for something they did not get.

Do They Offer A Referral Program?
We want to reward you for sending customers to us. For each new customer that you send to us, we will send you a 10% referral certificate for what they spend with us the first time. You may use the referral certificate for cash or services. And remember that we guarantee our work, so help your friends, neighbors and co-workers enjoy high quality carpet cleaning.

Don't Be Victimized By Uninformed, Uneducated,
Or Downright Unscrupulous Carpet Cleaners!

Tile & Grout Sealing - FAQ's

Why is it important to have my Tile & Grout floor sealed?
Sealing your Tile & Grout floor (and walls,) is the only way to protect your investment from water-based and oil-based stains. A sealer prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the floor, and gives you time to clean it up. And clean-ups are a snap! Simply blot fresh spills with a clean cloth or paper towel. The sealer continues to protect, even after repeated cleanings.

How does a sealer protect my floor?
The penetrating sealer is absorbed by the pores of the Natural Stone or Ceramic Tile & Grout. It fills up the "nooks and crannies" so that wet stains cannot get below the surface, and soil sits on the surface until it is swept or wiped away.

How is a sealer applied?
First, the floor is professionally cleaned, neutralized, and fully dried. Then, the sealer is applied using professional equipment and allowed to soak into the flooring material for five to ten minutes. Finally, the excess sealer is buffed off the surface and allowed to dry.

Why is it necessary for a professional to apply sealer? Can't I do it myself?
Our professionals have the training, experience, tools, and a wide variety of sealers for all types of natural stone, tiles, and grout. Professional application ensures complete protection for the entire surface of the floor. Improper sealing can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the floor that is difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

What do sealers protect against?
A penetrating sealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids, prevents stains caused by most food and beverages; and protects the surface from dirt and impurities.

Does a sealer alter the appearance of a Tile & Grout floor?
No. Our sealers protect without changing the original color, texture, feel, or appearance of the surface. However, we also offer color-enhancing sealers for interior natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, and masonry surfaces.

Is a sealer expensive?
Our sealing programs are affordably priced, and can actually SAVE you money in cleaning and replacement costs.

Do you have different sealers to choose from?
Yes. We have a wide assortment of sealers, designed for a variety of surfaces and conditions. Some sealers are designed for interior use only, others for exterior use. Some protect against water only, others against oil and water. And some are designed specifically for floors with high porosity, such as limestone, slate, brick, and concrete. Our professionals will help you select the most suitable sealer.

How should I maintain my sealed floor?
We will provide you with literature on maintenance, and precautions on choice of cleaning solutions. We offer an excellent line of suitable cleaning products through our company. It is important to use the right cleaning solution, as the wrong type can actually break down the sealer and render it useless.

Will my floor ever have to be professionally cleaned and sealed again?
Yes. We can provide periodic maintenance cleaning and re-sealing to keep your floors in top condition. The frequency will depend on the amount of traffic on them, frequency of spills, etc. Sealers make maintaining your floors much easier and more effective, yet not maintenance free

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